domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

Best Overall Body: Triatheletes

What you see: strong, broad shoulders, a fit core and well-developed, powerful legs
Key muscles: nearly every muscle, emphasizing the shoulders, quadriceps and hamstrings.
Coaching insight: Triathletes train every muscle group, and the result is a fit, healthy body, says Michelle Blessing, coach of the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team.
Weekly workout: swim 8 hours; cycle 10 hours; run 6 to 7 hours; weight-train 2 hours.
Your best moves: Alternate between weight and explosive moves. First, do 15 squats, then stand in front of a step and jump on and off with both feet as fast as you can for 15 reps. For upper body, do 15 overhead throws with a 2-kilogram medicine ball: Hold it behind your head, elbows bent, then bring it over your head and throw it to the ground. Finish with abs: 20 crunches, 50 oblique crunches and 20 back extensions.
On the bike and on the road: Do intervals. Start with a warm-up, then alternate between 2 minutes of hard effort and 2 minutes of easy effort for 20 minutes. In the pool: After warming up, swim one length as fast as you can; rest, then swim another fast length. Repeat for 10 lengths, then cool down for 10 minutes.
Our model says: I’ll try anything that’s fun and outdoorsy running, rock climbing, mountain biking, says triathlete Petit Pinson. It’s important to find a workout that motivates you.

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