domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Get a Gold Medal Body

When the Olympics heat up this month, the spotlight will be on supersculpted,high-performance bodies. Build one for yourself with our insider’s training guide.

Call it the Oscars of the sporting scene: It’s time for the Olympic Games, as the world’s best athletes converge in the Land Down Under to vie for the gold, silver and bronze. And while you’re watching them run, kick and swim their way to glory, you may notice something else besides muscle power: to-die-for bodies. Can their workout secrets help you gain a better body, too?
Yes, if you jump on the biggest training trend: plyometrics explosive moves in which groups of muscles work together which athletes depend on to develop speed, power and coordination. We took the hottest Olympic sports and asked top coaches for their gold-medal moves. We are featuring the Triahlete's workout here but for the other sports, see the September issue of FITNESS. Now you can train like a winner and whip yourself into award-winning shape!

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